1961 – 1998Tallahassee_FL
These notes are presented by our Historian, Dr. Ed Walker.
First Meeting was on October 9, 1961 at the Tallahassee Dining Room ( where Golden Corral is now)
Articles of incorporation was adopted July 27, 1964. Dick Mitchell, attorney and a member of the House of Representatives, drew up the Charter and By Laws and was a charter member. He stated many times, “Follow the By Laws or change them”.
Frank Wollschlager was first and only chaplain appointed I can find. He asked all the prayers and blessing rather than one read at the meetings. When Frank could not attend another member was asked to open meeting with prayer.
Ed Walker appointed first parliamentarian
At the 7th meeting of the club John Parker was elected first President (and Interim President for many months prior to this meeting) Dick Mitchell vice pres., Jim Gill Secretary and Billy Ketchum Treasurer. These were the executive committee of the club and they met often to discuss things for the Board and club to consider. .
October 16, 1961 Stanley Real(sp), Hog Cholera Serum mg., Ed Walker, Optometrist, Ralph Brown, Pharmacist. invited to join club (Note Ed and Ralph were invited after the Hog cholera Serum Mgt. man).
November 6, adopted “Tallahassee 100 Club” as name
On November 13, 1961 limited membership to 100
First Christmas party at home of Phil Wollschlager December 4, 1962.
Hurley Rudd was voted into membership April 27, 1964 (Had problems with classification).
May 21, 1962 women (wives) were invited to one meeting a year.
First membership committee was Ed Carroll, Chair, Les Williams, Dixon Robinson, Lynn Wollschlager, Don Brooks, Membership was later called Membership/classification committee.
First Grievance committee Chair = Phil Wollschlager
First Program Committee = Lynn Wollschlager, Chair, Don Brooks, Bill Carraway & Ralph Brown.
Oath was created by Dick Mitchell on December 18, 1961.
On May 13, 1963 limited cost of steak to $3.00 and cocktails to $.75 cents.
Dues was $6.00 a month on February 25, 1963
No initiation fee on February 20, 1964
Organizational structure of club-each board member was assigned to at least one committee as liaison and the Committee chair was expected to hold at least one meeting a month and report to the liaison and the liaison Board member was to report to the full board once a month.
Members must have an excused absence from Membership Chairman to count for missed meetings otherwise bylaws would apply.
Dixon Robinson created the club LOGO.
New member application fee $20.00 June 4, 1962
Meetings at silver slipper April 23, 1962
40 members on October 5, 1964 ($25.00 membership fee)
Skyline restaurant meeting place February 11, 1963
March 8, 1965 announced $64,000 business exchanged within club members for month of February 1965.
Secretary was required to keep an accurate record of attendance, keep minutes of all board meetings and all meeting of the club, submit to president for confirmation and approved by the board.
Phone committee created March 11, 1963 to remind members of meeting.
October 10, 1965, motion to terminate member for lack of attendance – tabled and a committee was appointed to discuss member’s membership and intentions of attendance and report back to board of Directors their recommendations at the November meeting.
January 17, 1966 a gift of land was given to the club by Joe Carren.
On March 21, 1966 Credit reports were done on all prospective members and goals were set for one new member per month. Many prospective members were turned down because they did not meet the standards of the club…Integrity, honesty and competence has always been required.
March 28, 1966 at almost every dinner meeting, members of the club talked about their business.
April 25, 1966 If three unexcused absences a letter was sent to member to explain. We started having luncheon meetings at member’s place of business.
May 9, 1966 bring in outside speakers when none are vailable from members. Invite 3 0r 4 members to attend board meeting to see what goes on at board meetings.
July 18, 1966 dropped one member for attendance problem.
100% attendance plaque given to Marvin Law.
April 10, 1967 By-laws adpted for Tallahassee 100 Investment, Inc
Invest a portion of capital in Common Wealth Corp 35 shares at $2700. Predicted would appreciate 46% in 4 to 6 months.
August 15, 1966 letter sent to all members with 23 unexcused absences – 9 new members were brought in by membership committee.
Delinquent dues member invited to next board meeting to show cause why dismissal should not take place under Article VI, Sec 3.
Nominating committee appointed in September of each year with members and chair.
January 15, 1969 committees appointed with directors in charge.
Treasurer made a report at every board meeting showing balance in bank account & delinquent members.
September 11, 1967 made & passed a motion to have an open bar at dinner meetings.
Exchange of money just within the club January 22, 1968 (one month) $28,558.83, February 24, 1969 = $24,396.18
On May 27, 1968 Broward Davis was Secretary of the club — Davis gave a presentation to the club on Land Surveying and in the minutes which he wrote it is stated, “I enjoyed the Program Very Much”.
March 16, 1970 Hank McCord is to go ahead and work up a book of activities of the members. Ed Carroll agreed to help with members who have not turned in their list and agreed to help them.
March 23, 1970 had 58 members with 12 excused absences and 15 unexcused absences.
May 16, 1988 it was decided that we would have business at the luncheon meeting and guest would not be invited. Around that time an investment club was startedwere members would pool their resources for investment purposes.
Changed meeting to the round Holiday Inn on March 24, 1998 because Ruel Bradley, a member of the club, was running the Hotel.