Membership Guidelines

‘Every applicant must have a sponsor; someone who is an existing member in good standing of the club who extends an invitation to apply’


Members shall represent a trade, business, occupation or profession and be classified according to their main activity or profession. No member may be in competition with the main activity or profession of another member.


Any member in good standing may submit an Application for Membership to the Membership Committee with information regarding the person, his/her Business Category for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

The membership Committee shall consider:

  1. Whether the applicant will participate in the goals of the Tallahassee 100 Club.
  2. Whether the applicant is an owner, or executive officer of the business he/she represents.
  3. Whether the applicant’s business or professional category is open for membership.
  4. The applicant’s standing in the community.
  5. The applicant’s reputation in the community.
  6. The sponsor’s personal knowledge of the applicant’s ethical conduct and business principles.
  7. The applicant’s willingness to give in proportion to benefits received with fellow members.
  8. The applicant’s willingness to give trade talks on their business when called upon.